O, Verona!

Tuesday, October 27th, 2015

Verona - 1

Way back in May, when my flatmate Valentine’s friend Christel came to visit Bologna, we went to Verona for a day.

We hopped on the train from Bologna and an hour and a half later we’d arrived and headed straight for lunch under some rather ominous clouds in the main square.

Verona - 4

After a rather uninspiring pizza, we headed off in search of some pudding and found these pots for sale in the market.

Verona - 1

All that fruit for 3€!

We wandered around the square for a while, trying to find the tackiest souvenir before heading down to Juliet’s Balcony. Remarkably, I managed to avoid all Shakespeare based puns throughout the day. It was a real effort.

Verona - 3

People flock to Juliet’s House, where the lovelorn and heartbroken leave letters to Juliet, see the 2010 film with Vanessa Redgrave and Amanda Seyfried. My personal favourite read ‘I want a puppy.’

Verona - 8

Verona - 9

Verona - 11

Keen to escape the tourist throngs and heat for a while we went for a wander. Down past shops and ruins, through the streets, and down to the river.

Verona - 22

Verona - 20

After spending a while leaning on the banks, enjoying the peace and quiet, and every so often marvelling ‘flowing water!’ (virtually non existent in Bologna) we wandered back into the centre of the city and across to the castle, where I failed to take any photos that weren’t of my own hand.

Verona - 2

Verona - 15

Verona - 27

Verona - 28

After a swift gelato stop we walked back through the city to visit two Cathedrals, getting caught in a torrential downpour along the way.

Verona - 34

Verona - 30

Verona - 31

Verona - 39

Verona - 32

After basking in the late afternoon sun for a while we realised the time and hot footed it back to the train station to head back to Bologna.

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